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Struggling with long-term debilitating chemical sensitivities, Sandra looked for venues to heal herself. During transpersonal work in hypnotherapy class, her instructor did a past life regression around Sandra’s illness. She has not suffered any chemical reactions since. She could then follow her own inner guidance and became a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Having such a profound healing in her life motivated Sandra to reach out and touch the lives of as many people as she can. If anyone has a desire to improve their lives, the use of hypnotherapy can help - with amazing results.

Sandra has a vision of what health care practitioners, and organizations could achieve, if they helped themselves and their employees, reach their highest productivity and potential through hypnotherapy. She would be willing to hold a seminar to explain how that could happen. This could be a new way of experiencing business in light of today’s challenges.

Change your subconscious mind to find Peace

Sandra has always been following the inner directions of her spirit. She became a follower of Transcendental Meditation in 1967 at the age of 11. She has been involved with ceremony, circles and intuitive counselling since 1991. She has worked with Brooke Medicine Eagle, and completed 3 vision quests, during which she met ceremonialist, Anuhea Meyers, who she has been learning from ever since. Her artistic abilities began to manifest. As a result of illness and a desire to heal, Sandra has practised Reiki since 1995. She received her Reiki Masters/Teacher, in January of 2002, and has been teaching with her partner ever since May of that year. Originally she took her Reiki Masters to channel into her art and ceremonial work. After teaching her first classes with her partner, she knew that teaching was the way to true mastery in all aspects of her life.

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