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Reiki is a non-invasive, gentle hands on, energy balancing skill. The word Reiki roughly translated, means Universal Life Force Energy. Through the process of “attunement” (initiation) one receives from a trained Reiki Master/teacher, the energy channel through the Crown chakra is opened, clearing and cleansing the charkas and making this universal energy flow very strongly for the individual.

I believe we all have access to this energy; however, it has been my experience, that the Reiki attunement really clears and opens this channel in a very profound way. According to a study at the University of Texas, Health Science Centre, that appeared in the “Massage” magazine Sept-Oct 2002 edition, Reiki reduces anxiety, blood pressure and increases relaxation. The tests, that were preformed, before and after treatments, were systolic blood pressure, salivary Iga testing, Biofeedback and interviews with the individuals.

When someone comes for a Reiki session, they remove their shoes, glasses and watches. They lay fully clothed on the table with a light cover and pillows, where necessary, for them to be totally comfortable. The Reiki practitioner gently lays their hands on the recipients’ head, torso, legs and feet, she then has them turn

over and lays hands on their back, legs and feet. A full session takes around 11/2 hrs. Often the client will experience, what is commonly called the “hot hands” of Reiki. There is often soft music played and you are encouraged to relax and receive. The client may remain silent of talk as they feel the need. Confidentiality is always strictly observed.

Char Niemi and Sandra Richardson while in session with a client.

Since the rediscovery of this very ancient form of healing, by Dr. Mikao Usui, in the early 1900’s, there have been several lineages develop. All are Reiki, and all are taught by trained Reiki Masters. They all work! All the practitioners have the highest intentions and integrity to heal. We honour all of them.

The teaching of Reiki is done in three levels. Reiki I, Reiki II, and Reiki III/Master.Some Reiki Masters teach Level III, in 2 separate classes. One class for the Master healer level, and one class for the teacher level. Char and I teach Level III in one class.

Reiki I, is a 2-day class where you are taught how to do self-healing and the hand positions for working with others. Although as a result of the “Attunement” process you are qualified to give Reiki sessions to others, the main focus of this level, is physical and Self-healing.

Reiki II, is a two-day class where you are taught, 3 symbols, one of which enables you to send healing energy at a distance. You receive another “Attunement” which opens you even more to the Reiki energy. The focus is,

emotional and mental healing. We also go more in depth about working with others and where to focus your energy and intention.

Reiki III/Master level is a 2-day class which focuses on spiritual healing and teaching. You are taught 2 master symbols and receive another “Attunement”.

You are taught how to pass attunements to others, should you desire to teach this wonderful form of healing. If some one is moved to take this level of Reiki, you must be prepared to be ‘in service’ in some way. The Reiki master level is a serious commitment.

One experience of mine is that whenever I am channelling the Reiki energy, I am always moved by overwhelming, unconditional love, often to tears. I feel the connection to all of life and that we are ALL souls looking for the ‘Light’ no matter what choices we make.

Once, our first Reiki master’s mother, had slipped in a grocery store and seriously broke her hip. Immediately Catherine called many of us to send Reiki to her mum. Many of her students including myself did so, while Catherine gave her mother daily treatments after the bone had been set with surgery. The doctors were very amazed since they had never seen a bone heal so quickly, especially in someone of her age.

Reiki is in and of itself a powerful form of healing. Reiki is also a wonderful enhancement to any allopathic or complimentary treatment. One can channel the Reiki energy into medicines, herbs, and supplements. Its energetic vibration minimizes unbeneficial side effects and charges or increases the useful benefits. One can Reiki their food for the same reasons. Reiki is often used as a profound addition to massage, aroma and crystal therapies.

Reiki has been a profound gift in both our lives. It has helped us through some of the most difficult times in our lives. We were taught that the Reiki energy can never be used for harm, and has a consciousness of it’s own. Through our experiences with this energy we have come to “know” that this is so. Its energy is unconditional love and love can never harm. It can challenge us, it can change us, and facilitate great healing in our lives, but never harm us!!

One who has medical concerns and conditions should always seek medical help first.

Sandra and Char have been practising Reiki since 1995 and 1996 respectively. They have been teaching all Levels of Reiki since 2002.

Reiki 1: "$157.00 locally

in your town

$180.00 (min class 8)"

Reiki II: $183.75 locally

in your town

$200.00 (min class 8)

Reiki 3: $315.00 locally

in your town

$350.00 (min class 8)


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