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Beyond Belief October Newsletter

Happy Fall Everyone!It is amazing how life can change in an instant. After sending out my July Newsletter and finally getting back into the flow after my Mum’s passing in March, I went on a holiday to Montana.The last day of our vacation, my beloved fell off of a small retaining wall and fractured her left hip. Not only did her life change, so did mine.I became a 24/7 caregiver and time became a blur of medications, timers, assisting her with everything, making meals, getting “Buddy Sitters” in so I could get essential errands done, and arranging equipment into our home to help her maneuver and be comfortable.The recovery for this injury is so much longer than a broken arm or ankle. After a couple of unforeseen complications, we are still looking at at a minimum of 2 more months on a walker, before considering a cane. Soo... I am still a major caregiver.Me, I have gone through exhaustion, to panic over finances, to regaining balance and realizing that all will be well.We have both come to realize how greatly loved we are and how many tools we have to work with. I shudder to think how it would be if we didn’t have them. Even though the tools were sometimes forgotten in the busy-ness and emotions of it all, that is when the prayers and healing of our friends and community were most keenly and gratefully felt.Now as I begin to return to myself and have moments to breathe and now that we are receiving some respite care, I can once again focus on my wonderful clients and students, past, present and future. The compassion and empathy I feel for you all has grown, yet again, right down to my core.This was not what I originally planned to write about, but I have come to trust what the 'Universe' sends through my pen.I definitely know that every event which takes me to my most vulnerable places, always benefits you my clients and students. For all of you I am eternally grateful. Sandra Richardson _________________________________

June Newsletter

We can Change our Beliefs

Cutting edge science is now proving that we are not a product of our Genetics, but rather, a product of our environmental influences. Our beliefs and behaviours are molded by our culture, society, parents, siblings, extended families, teachers, clergy, media etc...

Most of what our inner dialogue is, is a version of all those influences. As we grow and mature, sometimes these 'tapes' we play in our minds, cripple us, sabotage our successes, and/or feels discordant to what we desire, or deeply 'know' to be true.

How then do we change, or modify these discordant ideas that run rampant in our minds?

The answer is truly as simple as to change the thoughts we think and tell ourselves. In essence change the inner dialogue tapes.

However, sometimes we need some help with that.

Two of the greatest life lessons I have learned have been immensely helpful in making these changes for myself. They are, "What other people think of me is none of my Business." and, "What I think about and focus on, creates my experience or reality."

What I have come to understand is, I am 100% responsible for my life...

Through various alternative modalities, both, learned and experienced, I have let go of blaming others for my life experiences, and continue changing my inner dialogue, so that I am living an ever aware and accountable life.

While I am not perfect at it, I am changing and focusing on new, healthy thoughts that make my life filled with joy, peace and purpose.

It is my wish for you, that you find a way to change your limiting thoughts and beliefs to become the best ,YOU, possible.

Find the avenues that work best for you. If we, at Beyond Belief, can be of service, we would love to assist you in any way we can.


June Newsletter

The 11Commandment

This month hasbeen a journey through ever changing, intense energies. Somehow though, I seemto have found my Alignment with Well-being more often than not.

There was anamazing moment, Sunday night, when I took the external, and self imposedpressures off of myself, when I remembered and embodied a statement one of mymany Mentors said.

She wasresponding to another woman at the retreat I was attending, but, I feel itpertains to us all.

“Stop!” she said.“I am going to give you the 11 Commandment! Thou shalt notCompare!”

It was as thoughI heard her speak directly to me. Finally, since the passing of my mother intoNon-physical in March, I took a deep breath and have been able to center myselfagain.

How often do you,Compare yourself to others?

She does it thisway...

He does that...

Why can’t I bemore like so ‘n so?...

They are sosuccessful... I must be doing something wrong...

I just need moretime...

Take X number ofdays and it will be better...


Get Quiet...

Gently go insideand ask...

What do I need?

What do I reallydesire?

What does beingsuccessful really mean to me?

Spending timewith my Inner Being... brings peace, well-being, personal success, and isbringing me back to myself.

I feel like Ihave been looking outside of me... for answers because I felt “Frozen”. But nowI see that I was just allowing myself to experience the deepest places insideof me that needed my attention and love.

The outside worldsees it as “Grieving... Depression... a Funk...

In this fragilestate, I did too...

Falling into anold, old pattern of belief, that, ‘I don’t know as much as everyone else...“They” must know better...’

Mmmmm.... Not!

What I know todayis that, I hold my answers for me... No one else...

My purpose is toempower, myself, and others with the wisdom, that has come from my deeplistening to Spirit’s whispers, through words spoken on the wind... to helplead you inward to your own Sacred Inner Being...

I thank the loveof my wife, family and friends, even though they cannot take this deep journeyinward with me...

Only each of uscan do that for ourselves...

They hold spacefor me and let me fly from within...

I appreciate themall for their patience...

I come home to meand ask you, How may I serve?

Sandra Richardson

May Newsletter


As we move through these times, even those of us who are on the outer edges doing “Light Work” and Alternative Healing Practices, we are having our foundations rocked, much like the earthquakes rock the planet.

So then, how do we move through all these shifts? By being willing and open to completely “Let Go” of all of our past rules and dogma.

Yes, even the “New Age” practitioners and community are being asked to ‘Let Go’ of their rules and only come from our Higher Selves and alignment with Unconditional Love and Source Energy.

Our Guides and Angels are shifting and changing too. Perhaps you feel or have felt alone, like your access to Guidance is not there.

I have felt all of this too, and am still in this Shift. Yet, the depth of my Spirit is so present in the Love of Source; I am seeing how incredible this new energy is.

Some of my old Guides are returning with such I high vibration that I hardly recognize them. Some have left, and in their place new ones are coming in.

They are lifting me so high at times; I feel I can experience the Divine fully. Nothing is the same. Old paradigm energies no longer fit.

Reach out to those you are drawn to. Quiet yourself and listen to your Highest Self. Follow the vibration of Unconditional Love.

Seek out the Light Workers who acknowledge this shifting and new energies. Who are or have been through their own changes.

There will be a spirit of sweetness, gentle loving acceptance of you and a sense of safety.

Trust your feelings and constantly focus on what you desire from your heart.

If you are drawn to us here at Beyond Belief, know that we are here for you, as we are all moving through these challenging times with you.

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