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For Changing Times

Weekend Intensive

Welcome to a very unique approach to discovering your deeply rooted conflicting beliefs around being a ‘in service’ and having prosperity in your life. As a ’Story Facilitator’, I am here to help you create a new story of ‘Conscious Abundance’ for you and your life.

Over the course of the weekend, redefine what may have ‘fit’ long ago in an older paradigm of being a ‘healer’, a progressive thinker, or ‘in service’. Go back to the beginning when you were supported by the community and held in high regard. Go back to the time when you were one with the rhythms of life, where ABUNDANCE, in all ways, was your birth rite, and you knew it.

Re-create in a new paradigm format, letting go of the vows of poverty/celebacy/chastity, that you may have taken at some time in your own history. Perhaps you were persecuted, or, maybe you were the one persecuting. How different your life will be when you release and heal those very limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from having the abundance and balance you long for now.

Learn that ‘being in service’ does not mean at the expense of ‘self’. You deserve to take precious care of yourself so you can be the profound dynamic INDIVIDUAL that supports your community with dynamic Health, Wealth, Energy, and Empathy.

We are the wave of the future. Let go of the collective fear of “not enough” “I don’t deserve”. With this weekend intensive we will explore the deepest roots of your own limiting beliefs, in a safe nurturing, confidential environment. You will bear witness for yourself and the others in the group. Remember, each piece you heal, heals all the others in the group as well.

The power of sitting in this circle and sharing your healing stories, is vast. When you gather in a circle with the intention to become more fully present and aware of who you really are, the energy of that healing is exponential. So in a class of 10, we have the power of 10 times 10! Imagine what you will accomplish in this weekend.

One part of your weekend will be devoted to ‘unplugging’ if you will, from the collective consciousness of ‘fear, scarcity, and disease’.

We all deserve to be well paid for our services and to THRIVE in the world. You are needed to set the example of ‘Prosperity, Health, Self Care, Excellent Relationships, and Wholeness, no matter what the collective is projecting. Yes, you are human and have been influenced by the mass consciousness; however, healing on this deep soul level you can truly “be the change you want in the world”.

The definition of 'Abundance' in this context is the balance of all aspects of your life. The definition of being ‘Rich’ is individual to all of us. Ask Yourself, “Does what I am so passionate about , FULLY support me and my family’s desires and goals?” If not, why not? This weekend will provide the healing you so richly deserve.






As I experienced these incredible Prosperity Circles as part of the Conscious Abundance group, I began to notice that each journey successively linked to that last and more and more pieces started to come together. This meant more and more of my Life began to make sense! I had an amazing breakthrough during my 3 journey, which is still unfolding as I continue to reflect on the messages that link many of my past limiting thoughts, feelings and behaviours together. These are incredibly powerful and insightful. Highly recommended! -

Corinne Cornish


Sandra's sessions are powerful and trans formative. With her guidance, I've been able to explore my beliefs and past experiences about abundance, wealth and prosperity. Each session helped me change, grow and become more comfortable with creating, attracting and accepting true wealth into all areas of my life. These sessions have been an invaluable tool for growing my business and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate.

Amber Rockenbach, BGS

Clinical Hypnotherapist 


Hello to All of You Majestic Beings,Words cannot fully express how grateful I am to be in the midst of all of your "Brilliance!"Thank-you Sandra for sharing your Divine gift with us with the Conscious Abundance Circle sessions. I have experienced such powerful shifts each and every session in myself and have witnessed the same in others that it is truly an honour to participate in such a transformational process. Each session has made a deep impact on me and I've noticed a gradual increase in my self-worth each week which has naturally resulted in my feeling confident to increase the rates of the session I offer because I am beginning to clearly see their true value. Yet, yesterday's session has really made a profound change within me that I can feel to the core of my being. There is such tremendous power in doing this work as a group. You and the group's support yesterday made an enormous impact on me that within hours I felt a renewed strength and determination growing.I feel like that part of me that sabotaged my success in the past by not fully carrying through with the action steps needed to fulfil my life's intentions has been released! In deep humble gratitude and radiant love,

Wendy Gorloo

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